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  1. Gastro Tour in Armenia

    Armenia - Promised Land, on which the progenitor Noah set foot after the World Flood, and the revival of humanity that began here. The land where the Gospel teaching was preached from the first century. The land where most of the sacred relics of the Christian world are. Earth, where the spirituality of the centuries is especially felt. A corner of the world with an inimitable beauty of nature combined with the creative spirit of the Armenian people, who lived and worked on this promised land for thousands of years. Armenia - Promised Land - an open-air museum.

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots International Airport - Sightseeing tour around Yerevan - ARARAT Yerevan Brandy Factory - Yerevan city - Ashtarak city (Karmravor church, Ciranavor, Spitakavor) - Hovhannavank monastery - Saghmosavank monastery - Gyumri city - Arpa National Park - Stepanavan dendropark - village Odzun - Haghpat monastery - Sanahin monastery - Aparan city - Yerevan city -  Arch of Charents - monastery complex Geghard - fortress Garni - Lake Sevan - Yerevan city - Etchmiadzin city - Zvartnots - Transfer to airport

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  2. Armenia - interesting and tasty

    Are you tired of the same routine and need something new? We offer you to break away from routine for going to sunny and hospitable Armenia. Here you will visit unique Christian monasteries, drive through red rocks canyon, taste the delicious Armenian dolma and see the azure waters of the high-mountainous Lake Sevan!

    Do not miss your chance to visit gorgeous Armenia!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - Yerevan city - Zvartnots temple - Echmiadzin city - City tour of Yerevan - Arch of Charents - Geghard monastery - Garni temple - Lake Sevan - Yerevan city - Khor Virap monastery - Bird's cave of Areni - Areni winery - Dinner - Noravank monastery - Vernissage - Yerevan city- transfer from the hotel to Zvartnots airport

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2 Item(s)