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  1. The ABC of Armenia

    Are you tired from everyday life and you need something new? We offer you to break away from routine and go to sunny and hospitable Armenia, where you will visit unique Christian monasteries, drive through the gorge of red rocks, taste the delicious Armenian dolma and see the azure waters of the high-mountainous Lake Sevan!

    Do not miss your chance to spend pleasure time in warm Armenia!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - City tour in Yerevan -Matenadaran- Oshakan village- Ashtarak city -Kosh village - Ovannavan village - Sagmosavan village - Alley of Letters - Complex of Amberd - St. Hripsime church - Etchmiadzin temple - St. Gayane temple - Zvartnots temple - Arch of Charents - Ancient temple of Garni - monastery complex of Geghard - transfer to the airport Zvartnots


    178,000AMD [320 EUR, 28961 RUB, 374 USD]
  2. The sun, mountains, forests ... and jeeps!

    If you want to enjoy a fast and at the same time the most comfortable ride in the bosom of nature - to see the majestic mountains and broad-leaved forests - this jeep tour is created for you!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots Airport - Republic Square - Northern Avenue - Freedom Square - Opera and Ballet Theater - Cascade Complex - Yerevan city - Geghardavank monastery - Garni pagan temple - Saghmosavank monastery - Aragats village - Aparan city - Dilijan city - Parz Lake - Haghartsin monastery - Gosh village - Chambarak city - Sevanavank monastery - Yerevan city - transfer to Zvartnots airport

    279,000AMD [502 EUR, 45393 RUB, 586 USD]
  3. To Armenia for a week

    Christian East, European culture, architectural features of Europe and Asia ... If you ever wanted to discover these diametrically opposed cultures in one place, then Armenia is the right choice! Pagan buildings, Christian monasteries, natural beauties in the form of gorges and mountain rivers, the "eastern" sun and the high sky, which is reflected in the sky-blue waters of Sevan ... Welcome to such a different Armenia!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - City tour of Yerevan - Genocide museum - Ararat cognac factory - Echmiadzin city - St. Hripsime and St. Gayane churches - Saint Echmiatsin cathedral - "Etchmiadzin treasury" museum - Zvartnots temple - Arch of Charents - Garni temple - Geghard monastery- Lake Sevan - Sevanavank - Dilijan - Haghartsin monastery - Yerevan - transfer to the airport Zvartnots

    152,000AMD [274 EUR, 24730 RUB, 319 USD]
  4. Week Holidays in Armenia

    "Weekly vacation in Armenia" is a tour in which all the classic directions of Armenia are gathered.

    Having bought this tour, you will be lucky enough to visit unique historical monuments, hundreds of years old, descend into the underground labyrinth, with a height of seven floors, visit the museum of ancient manuscripts of Matenadaran, stroll through the streets of ancient Alexandropol and swim in the clear waters of Sevan.

    Do not miss your chance to get to know Armenia from the inside!

    217,000AMD [391 EUR, 35306 RUB, 456 USD]
  5. Yerevan Weekend

    Armenia is the magical land of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. This tour encompasses all the main Armenian sights that will allow to learn all the mysterious corners of the ancient state, to touch monuments and monasteries, the age of which is more than one thousand years, to learn the culture and customs of the local people and admire the greatness of the mountain peaks!

    The hospitality and professional work of our staff will make your vacation unforgettable.

    Tour itinanary: Yerevan city tour - Genocide museum - Matenadaran - Arch of Charents - Garni temple - Geghard monastery - (*or Etchmiadin -  Zvartnots temple)  - Yerevan


    93,000AMD [167 EUR, 15131 RUB, 195 USD]

Items 31 to 35 of 35 total

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