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  1. Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh

    The ridges of the Small Caucasus have been for a long time the natural boundaries of the Armenian highland in the north-eastern part of it. And it is not surprising that here, in these mountains drowning in the forests, a unique Armenian culture was created, rooted in centuries. Nature is intertwined with the culture of human, creating a beautiful harmonious synthesis, in all its glory manifested in the spiritual and educational structures, monuments of architecture and much more. Due to this tour you will fully experience this harmony and discover the absolutely unique culture of the local hospitable people - Armenians.

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - Yerevan City tour- Ararat Yerevan Brandy Factory - Yerevan - Khor Virap monastery - Areni wine factory - Bird cave Areni - Noravank monastery complex - Jermuk city - Karahunj ancient stone observatory (Zarats Karer) - cable car Wings of Tatev - Tatev Monastery - Goris  - Old Khndzoresk Village - Shushi Town - Hunot River Gorge - Mamrot Kar River Waterfall - Shushi - Stepanakert - Gandzasar Monastery - Stone Lion - Dadivank Monastery Complex - Sevan Lake  - Dilijan - the monastery complex Haghartsin - Sevan Monastery - Geghard monastery- Garni temple - Arch of Charents- Yerevan - transfer from hotel to airport Zvartnots


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  2. Armenian holidays

    Armenia is the magical land of one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. Tour, covering the beauty and sights of the whole country will allow you to enjoy the fascinating beauty of Armenia, to get to know the first Christian country and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity and mystery, to visit many ancient temples and monasteries, which for many centuries were the spiritual centers of the country. Hospitality and professionalism of our staff will make every day of your trip an unforgettable holiday!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - City tour of Yerevan - Genocide museum - Ararat cognac factory - Echmiadzin city - St. Hripsime and St. Gayane churches - Surb Echmiatsin cathedral - "Etchmiadzin treasury" museum - Zvartnots temple - Arch of Charents - Garni temple - Geghard monastery complex - Sevan Lake - Sevanavank monastery - Dilijan city - Haghartsin monastery - Khor Virap monastery - Areni Wine Factory - Noravank monastery - Yerevan city - transfer to Zvartnots airport

    175,000AMD [333 EUR, 25410 RUB, 368 USD]
  3. Armenian two capitals

    Since ancient times the Armenian land was famous for its cities! A lot of it was also the capitals, located in the middle of mountain ranges and fast mountain rivers. Beautiful cities, once famous throughout the whole of Asia, have sunk into oblivion, but have left their mark on world history!

      In modern Armenia, the heart beats the two capitals of the republic. And this tour will introduce you to them!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots Airport - Republic Square - Northern Avenue - Freedom Square - Opera and Ballet Theater - Cascade Complex - Gyumri - Marmashen village - Yerevan city - transfer to Zvartnots Airport

    217,000AMD [412 EUR, 31508 RUB, 456 USD]
  4. Exploring the north togheter

    A lot of the waters of the Araks River flowed through the land of Ararat in all its history ... A lot of joy and a lot of sorrow this land saw. But it saved as many sights and beauties! In this tour you are offered to get acquainted with the capital of Armenia - the city of Yerevan, the unique region of Armenia - Aragatsotn, which is crowned by the 4-head montain Aragats, and the city of Gyumri, proudly bearing the title of the northern capital of Armenia! Let's explor the North together!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - Yerevan - Yerevan city tour - Byurakan astrophysical observatory - Amberd complex - Marmashen monastery - Gyumri city - Gyumri - Yerevan  - transfer to Zvartnots airport

    174,000AMD [331 EUR, 25265 RUB, 365 USD]
  5. Fascinating Armenia

    The majestic mountains and valleys, adorned with monasteries and fortresses of the early and late Middle Ages, the cathedrals of the past, proudly watching the distance with their unquenchable gaze and the desire to return the former grandeur, resort and preserved the color of past periods of the city and architectural structures. The list can be continued indefinitely. If you want to know all this in one region, then this tour is created just for you! Welcome to Armenia!

    Route of the tour: City tour in Yerevan - Ararat Cognac Factory - Arch of Charents - ancient temple of Garni  - Gegard monastery complex -Talin city - Dashtadem fortress-TCathedral of Talin - Gyumri city - Dilijan city - Haghartsin monastery - Lake Sevan

    273,000AMD [519 EUR, 39640 RUB, 573 USD]
  6. Fraternal peoples of the mighty Caucasus

    The Caucasus has been known since ancient times for the traditions and emotionality of its inhabitants, hospitality that is exalted to the level of duty, and an unforgettable virgin nature, crowned by unique monuments of architecture of the peoples living here.

    So let's become real witnesses of this natural miracle - unique for the whole region!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport -  Yerevan city - city-tour in Yerevan - Garni temple  - Geghard monastery complex  - Tsakhkadzor city - Sevanavank monastery complex - Haghartsin monastery complex - Dilijan city - Vanadzor city - Sanahin monastery complex - Haghpat monastery complex - Akhtala monastery complex - Tbilisi city - Mtskheta city - Tbilisi city - Rustavi city - Ijevan city - Achajur village (Makaravank monastery complex) - Goshavank monastery complex - Dilijan city - Lchashen village - Gutanasar mountain - Abovyan city - Yerevan-city - transfer to airport Zvartnots


    583,000AMD [1108 EUR, 84652 RUB, 1224 USD]
  7. Mysterious Armenia

    Armenia is one of the oldest centers of civilization, where it did not cease to exist and in contrast to all invasions continued to develop. Beautiful unique monasteries, natural beauties in which you can find many man-made monuments, bewitching mountains and forests! Discover Armenia and its secrets with us!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - Yerevan City Tour- Arch of Charents - Garni temple - Geghard monastery  - Gyumri city - Erevan - transfer to Zvartnots airport

    138,000AMD [262 EUR, 20038 RUB, 290 USD]
  8. On the roads of Armenia

    If you want to visit the heart of nature, at the same time getting unforgettable sensations from mountain roads and a sharp wind, if you want to see with your own eyes majestic mountains and broad-leaved forests - this jeep tour is created for you!

    Tour "On the roads of Armenia" will help you realize these desires in full!

     Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - Republic Square - Northern Avenue - Freedom Square - Opera and Ballet Theater - Cascade complex - Yerevan city - Gutanasar mountain - Tsaghkadzor city - Sevan monastery - Sevan city - Chambarak city - Berd city - Ijevan city - Yenokavan village - Enokavan village - Dilijan city - Vanadzor city - Kobayr monastery - Yerevan city - transfer to Zvartnots airport

    397,000AMD [754 EUR, 57644 RUB, 834 USD]
  9. Sunny weekend in Armenia

    If you have a couple of free days that you want to spend in a completely new atmosphere of unique culture and mountain scenery, then this tour will fully realize your desires!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - Echmiadzin city - Zvartnots temple - Khor Virap monastery - city tour in Yerevan - Genocide museum - Brandy factory - Arch of Charents - Garni temple  - Geghard monastery complex - Lake Sevan - Yerevan city -transfer to Zvartnots airport

    133,000AMD [253 EUR, 19312 RUB, 279 USD]
  10. The ABC of Armenia

    Are you tired from everyday life and you need something new? We offer you to break away from routine and go to sunny and hospitable Armenia, where you will visit unique Christian monasteries, drive through the gorge of red rocks, taste the delicious Armenian dolma and see the azure waters of the high-mountainous Lake Sevan!

    Do not miss your chance to spend pleasure time in warm Armenia!

    Route of the tour: Arrival at Zvartnots airport - City tour in Yerevan -Matenadaran- Oshakan village- Ashtarak city -Kosh village - Ovannavan village - Sagmosavan village - Alley of Letters - Complex of Amberd - St. Hripsime church - Etchmiadzin temple - St. Gayane temple - Zvartnots temple - Arch of Charents - Ancient temple of Garni - monastery complex of Geghard - transfer to the airport Zvartnots


    178,000AMD [338 EUR, 25846 RUB, 374 USD]

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